Get professional product advisory and a full-stack team for software delivery

Take your idea to the next level with an experienced team lead by serial entrepreneurs.

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Software development made easy with our unique approach

We create the technical heart of your product.


  • Closing the gap between solution advisory and product engineering
  • Get insights and feedback from our experienced serial entrepreneurs for business model creation


  • Organize work processes in a simple and easy to follow way
  • Organize development processes in a transparent way for all project members


  • We help you build your idea with cutting edge technology by keeping it within a reasonable budget
  • Innovation is what drives us and our results across all projects

Scientists study the world as it is, Sharplogic engineers create the world that never has been.






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Why to choose Sharplogic?

We have gathered a team which provides core skills for Rapid Prototyping and IT consulting for startups. Having this at one place reduces communication time and improves development speed with reasonable budget.

High skilled for fast development

Building a great product requires more than just clean code. We know that from experience and cherry pick our team members to focus on delivering the most value for you.


Getting things right in the beginning will save you lots of money later.

We help you navigate from concept to prototype and still have an eye on your business models and monetization strategies in place

From founders for founders

Our CEO&CTO take part in all of our projects to ensure the best outcome for you.

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We provide solutions based on technology, creativity, and innovation that fits best for your business.

Rapid prototyping

Choose us and you will see results almost immediatly

IT consulting for startups

We love startups and have a passion for quick validation processes. We will help you validate your idea and reduce risk as quickly as possible.


There are several options to contact us: from visiting our office, giving us a call or sending an email.


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